What is World Of Ayurveda and how does it work?
World Of Ayurveda.com gives users access to a panel of Ayurvedic Acharyas that specialize in Ayurveda.
Users can ask questions to particular Ayurvedic Acharyas on the panel, and the Ayurvedic Acharyas answer the questions asked of them.
The information is then posted and archived so that others with similar questions can share the legal information.
World Of Ayurveda.com is a No cost way for individuals to get fact-specific opinions on health from multiple Ayurvedic Acharyas!
World Of Ayurveda.com lets you ask short, specific immigration-related questions to one or more Ayurvedic Acharyas on the panel, using the Ask Our Residence Acharya page.
If you want to keep your question confidential, you need to pay just check the box during question submission. A confidential question can only be seen by you and the Ayurvedic Acharyas that was asked the question. A confidential question can also be seen by World Of Ayurveda admins for quality purposes.
The questions and answers are in the form of a web-based forum, much like a discussion forum.
We do not expose your email address to Ayurvedic .
As soon as your question is submitted, it gets assigned to the Ayurvedic Acharyas you selected, or to a random Ayurvedic Acharyas if that's what you selected.
Expect your question to be answered in 2 business days from the time it was submitted.
You will receive an email when a Ayurvedic Acharyas responds to your question, declines your question, or does not answer your question in 2 business days.
You may ask one follow-up question to the Ayurvedic Acharyas, in case there are further clarifications to be made and the clarifications are related to the original question. Do not ask unrelated questions in a follow-up. Ayurvedic Acharyas are not obligated to respond to follow-ups, but they typically do.
Ayurvedic Acharyas can decline to answer your question if they find your question to be vague, poorly constructed, long & complicated, outside their area of expertise, requiring significant research, or for any other reason.
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