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Try asking people how to gain weight and you'll likely see some bewildered and confused faces staring back at you. The question is quite legitimate one and one that frustrates those who find themselves on the light end of the scale.

While most of the people find overweight problems and struggle to keep the kilos off, others find it just as challenging to put weight on. Though myriad advise is available on 'How to loose weigh' , it can be a lonely struggle for those who want to put on weight.

Risks associated with being too underweight -

  • Complications in surgery and slow recovery after illnesses.
  • Greater tendency to vattika diseases,
  • Impaired immunity,
  • Bone/joint problems,
  • Anemia etc.

It is important to see that the weight you want to gain should be equally distributed all over the body, and not only around your waist

Following are some of the guidelines for gaining weight -

  • To gain weight, eat food with extremely high caloric value.
  • Try to increase your food intake without consuming too much fat and sugar.
  • Regular meals, especially breakfast, are important if you find it difficult to gain weight.
  • Eat Late - Having snacks at bedtime may help to gain weight.
  • Relax after having meal.
  • Eat Frequently- Eat five or more meals a day.
  • Do regular exercise.

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