About Us

CUREWIN is internationally acclaimed for her Herbal & AyurvedicProducts. The CUREWIN name evokes instant brand identity, as the exclusive symbol of the finest Ayurvedic& Herbal beauty care. CUREWIN has evolved a number of Herbal & Ayurvedic Products, based on the principle of "Natural Care and Cure." They include formulations for beauty, wellness and fitness. The ingredients of CUREWIN products comprise of herb, flower and fruit extracts, essential oils and safe natural substances.

Biography & Journey

The CUREWIN story is the story true entrepreneurship. It provides a rare insight into the individual qualities that make one person stand apart from the rest. It is the story of a man, a first generation entrepreneur, a pioneer, visionary and innovator, who introduced a totally new concept of Ayurvedic Care and Cure, with universal appeal and application. It is the story of a man who created a brand and an international market for Ayurvedic beauty and health care. In a world ridden with environmental degradation, CUREWIN opened the windows of the world to Nature and its healing powers, taking the Indian herbal heritage of Ayurveda to every corner of the globe with a crusader's zeal.

Known for product innovation, CUREWIN has evolved nearly a number of formulations for general beauty care, treatment of skin and scalp disorders, health and fitness. They have become breakthroughs in Ayurvedic care. The ingredients comprise of herb, flower and fruit extracts, essential oils and other natural substances. Apart from the legendary CUREWIN Herbal range, there are many products for beauty care, based on specific extracts.