VELWIN LOTION is an Ayurvedic Lotion that provides relief from the problems related to dry skin (XERODERA) associated with DEHYDRATION, USE OF HARSH SOAP, VERY HOT WATER BATH, VITAMIN DEFICIENCY, SUN BURNS, MEDICATIONS etc. and keeps skin moist, soft, smooth and healthy.

VELWIN LOTION is a Super skin restorative & Moisturizer as LECITHIN in VELWIN LOTION pulls water molecule from air and bind them to natural skin oil and forms Protective barrier around skin Cells to ensure their Health. LECITHIN in VELWIN LOTION can repair damaged-cells that help to heal Dry and Damaged Skin. LECITHIN has ability to transport healthy & healing ingredients to body cells that may give VELWIN LOTION an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory property. LECITHIN in VELWIN LOTION is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

VELWIN LOTION can be used in conditions associated with Xeroderma (Dry Skin), Cracked Skin, Scaly disorders, Pruritis

How to Apply Wash face/body parts with water and dry with the help of soft cloth or napkin. Apply VELWIN LOTION two to three times a day.